The Kansas Midwives Alliance (KMA), founded in 2010, exists to provide support, unity, continuing education, and peer review to its members, to promote good public relations with the people of Kansas, and to support the independent practice of midwifery.

Where science and heart unite

Kansas Midwives: as diverse as the population we serve. We are a set of richly talented, caring professionals dedicated to delivering specialized, expert maternity care, pre-conception counseling, well-woman care and more. We attend women in the hospital, in birth centers, and in the home.Kansas midwives have purposed to provide evidence-based care focused on supporting women to maintain healthy pregnancies and experience optimal birth outcomes. One of our hallmarks is individualized care. Every woman, every birth and postpartum period is unique. We respect personal preferences and cultural values. Therefore, we individualize all aspects of care, including education, counseling, and support to each woman, her newborn, and her family.  Find a Kansas midwife by clicking here.Membership in the KMA is open to all midwives, students, consumers, and other birth professionals who subscribe to the objectives of this organization.  Please see our Membership page for more information.The KMA holds a General Meeting three times per year. We aim to offer continuing education and/or Peer Review in conjunction with these meetings. We welcome consumers, students, and of course, all midwives.Please – Come and join us. Check our Events page for scheduled meetings, conferences, and more. To read more about the KMA and its mission, read our Constitution and By-Laws.

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